If you are looking for professional pressure washing look no further.  123 NOW IT’S CLEAN will always give you a free estimate. We will also arrive promptly wherever you are located, with the right equipment for your job.  Every house and business gets dirty and that is unavoidable,  lucky we are here to make it look new again.

Pressure washing is a time proven cleaning method.  We pressure wash many surfaces from driveways to fences.  We also use our pressure washer to power wash your more delicate areas like your siding, bbq’s and patio sets.

Why choose 123 NOW IT'S CLEAN instead of the other guys?

You should call 123 NOW IT’S CLEAN we specialize in certain things and do the best work possible.  We don’t try to do everything, we are not jacks of all trades and masters of none.  Our power washing services can clean just about anything from your driveway to your siding and even your roof.

Are you in 123 NOW IT'S CLEAN's service area?

123 NOW IT’S CLEAN is a mobile business based in Meridian, ID. We mainly service the Treasure Valley, however we can go farther east to Mountain Home or Twin Falls, north to McCall and even west to the Oregon border.